Deriva is a print magazine. A guide to urban wandering, born out of the idea of enjoying the road and observing one’s surroundings. We want you to divert from the usual path; allow yourself to discover new journeys through the city – to follow your senses and emotions on the walk.




OUR three main concepts


Deriva’s inspiration comes from psychogeography, where a dérive is an unplanned journey through the urban landscape. During such a drift, you’re simply guided by your instincts and your curiosity, focusing on the path itself rather than the 
end destination.




Flâneur is French for observer of the urban life. Issue One lets you explore the city through the eyes of four artists, or flâneurs, each equipped with a disposable camera and a notebook.



A place in the city where noise, time, and room disappears. A hidden gem that exists in every city, such as a greenhouse, a secret courtyard, or the corner of a park. Take a moment to read a piece of literature here – we will hand you the novel.